Dependency Injection

Service locator

To be able to register dependencies and use them widely in the app, we use the get_it package which is a service locator for Flutter projects.
It offers many possibilities to register objects: singletons, factories,..., see the example below:
sl.registerLazySingleton(()=> Storage());
sl.registerLazySingleton(() => ThemeBloc());
Note that sl is a global variable, located in the file lib/src/core/di/locator.dart

Configuring features

When you add a new feature you can use register the corresponding dependencies by using the class Feature :
After overriding required methods and registering the necessary objects, head over to main.dart under the folder lib/src/core and configure the feature by calling the init() method :
/// Initialize the app, by initializing all the app features
init() {
// Add new feature here
The order of instructions is important in the init function since we can have interdependent features.