Theme and fonts
To customize the application theme, head over to the file theme.dart under the folder lib/core/theme/

Currently, there are two theme mode : dark and light. You are free to add other modes by editing AppThemeMode variable.
To switch between the theme modes, you have to use the theme bloc (theme_bloc.dart) :

You can change the color scheme used by the app, by customizing another palette.

The app integrates GoogleFonts package, so there is already a large number ready to use integrated into the app. To change the font override the textTheme property in ThemeData and use one of the text themes available in google fonts:
textTheme: GoogleFonts.poppinsTextTheme(...),

In the case you need extra properties such as spacing or custom colors, to include into theme data, you can use the extension AdvancedThemeData
extension AdvancedThemeData on ThemeData{
//TODO declare custom properties here
EdgeInsets get spacing1x {
return EdgeInsets.all(4);
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